Friday, October 01, 2010


Nice, a Hamas leader admitted today that Arafat gave Hamas the green light when he felt the peace talks with Barak had failed after Camp David. While this may not be major news, it is interesting to see it out in the open now. Arafat simply put failed his people in the end and they are still waiting for a real answer.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Surprised to still see Chaos and Honey in the blog world and that it has not been swept from the depths of none use and into the is true what they say about space, existence is eternal - but nobody knows you are out there.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is It Time?

To begin another death watch? To begin wondering if everything is going to turn to dust and ashes and eroded dreams and shapeless mass?
I die therefore I was.
Such happy thoughts.
The people of Gaza elected the Boola in and continue to fire rockets at Israel and people ask why Israel elects to defend itself. Stop me if you have not heard this five thousand times before.
Israel would be a great thing if it didn't exist seems to be the guiding thought.
It is a great idea, this homeland of the Jews where they can live as a nation, a people, in peace.......and bows to its custodians at all times.
One of these days Israel will have to choose between its own survival and that of pleasing the entire world of which would not give a rat's arse if Israel vanished tmrw except for a few select countries and people.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What is a Break?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can It Possibly Be?

that we have made it through a summer without having to fight a war with someone?

Yes, the Palestinians largely took care of themselves this spring thus not having much time to spend on the Israelis.

The Syrians are talking, moving, talking, moving, talking, moving and no one seems to have a clue on either the Israeli or Damascus led side as to what the other one wants.

And we the Israelis wait for a change in our government yet again, of which most of us want and wait for patiently as Olmert rides out his last days - which may take another half year or so.

Having said that Likud and Labor are both talking, vying, talking, vying, talking, vying and no one seems to have a clue as to what either side stands for.

Smack me if it sounds like I am repeating myself. Smack if this entire world is repeating itself.

You know, you can find all of this world's great books in a dictionary if you know how to put the words together. Yet very few seem to have a clue to decipher meanings or agree to take action.

Perhaps we should all work on being happy idiots?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Along the Path of History We Stumble

While walking the dog this morning, I tried to decide if Israel was a young country or an old one. And what I was left with was that we are a child wrapped in an ancient ancestors blanket.

We stumble through life expecting all things to be perfect for us and get frustrated when many parts of our government, infrastructure, and internal political doctrine acts immature.

Yet we have somehow made it here, but we are only now reaching the 59th birthday that by the sound of it from critics one would suspect that we have been around for much longer.
And yes we have. We are a nation of Jewish people, but one with a vast array of baggage and including achievement and despair.

Their is a particular mindset today because of the technology that has been invented the past 100 years that has led us to look at time in a way that is probably much different than that from the past.

We know all things almost as they are happening, we are not waiting for a tall ship to arrive with letters from a distant continent, or messengers of whom have galloped across the countryside to bring us tidings. In fact we try to be philosophical without any hindsight often.

It is this communication revolution which profoundly alters the way we look at our daily lives and the history that has created each of us. There is a large equation which is frequently unbalanced between our own illusions and a factual reality.

We tend to be myopic in our viewpoints never really looking at events which are happening at a great distance and seemingly with nothing to do with us - yet given room to grow find their way to bring on a close encounter understanding.

Thus, I have been in this tiny country for nine years now with all the papers that makes one a citizen. And I have spent an even larger amount of time here before deciding to move here permanently.

Israel is small and it really needs to be understand that one can travel the entire country in with a leisurely drive. Because of this, it is easy to believe that you know the people and geography when in fact behind the doors and hidden beneath the soil lurks so much more.

I hesitate to make predictions for Israel on its 59 birthday.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

X-Mas Prediction

as my little x-mas present to everyone allow me to give you a prediction, as outlandish as it may be the ethiopian/ somalia conflict could be one that quickly engulfs many countries and one that could pull in enough players to trigger something huge.....
first of all take a look at this map and remember that good fences make good neighbors and that there is a spectacular LACK of good fences in eastern africa.
who are the potential players:
somalia - and its multi-bands of various destruction, including one puppet govt, & one radical islamic govt.
ethiopia - which will not allow if it can a islamic radical govt next to it since sudan is already becoming this.......
sudan - and its ever emerging radical chic which includes the like of darfur.
eritrea - always a 'dear' friend of ethiopia.

other potential countries -
uganda - which would side with ethiopia and go after sudan.
kenya - which would possibly interfere with somalia if it saw ethiopia about to fail in its mission.

and the bigger lynchpins and possible entrance into a black hole club:
saudi arabia who might join in if kenya decided to enter the fray to help its poor friend somalia.....

and if this were to happen then it would really become a blood bath of which no one in the end would even remember why they were fighting.

simply put the over/under on the death count for this conflict starting today and ending sometime about 2012 should be about 2 million people.

yet another outstanding job being done by the world govts who care so much about this area. needless to say the UN should take a large bow also.

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